What are 3rd party widgets?

Photo by Bill and Vicki T

As you browse the internet, you most likely have come into contact with 3rd party widgets. These are the little “LIKE”, “Share”, or “Tweet” buttons at the bottom of the page.  Another use for widgets is as a login tool. Have you ever used Twitter, Google, or Facebook to login to another website? This convenient feature has been used over 850 million times. Many websites are joining in on this trend with 1/3 of the top 1,000 sites having the Facebook widget.

Widgets are convenient for logging in quickly, but your information is at risk. When you visit a page with such a widget, the parent company is informed (Facebook, Google, etc.). From here they can also record browsing data. If you engage with these widgets (click LIKE, or use a login), all this information can be linked back to you.

This information is useful to these sites for a reason. What do Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Twitter (Making up 98% of social widgets) have in common? They are huge players in online advertising. Google alone controls 1/3 of online advertising revenue and the others rank in the top 10. You can see why this browsing history is valuable to them. With countless widgets on many of the websites you visit, it is easy to get lost.

So what can you do?

Some suggest logging out of your social media as you browse, or at least avoiding clicking 3rd party widgets. In today’s fast paced world this seems nearly impossible. PrivDog offers a solution to 3rd Party widgets as they are blocked with our software, and not even loaded on the web page. This protects you from trackers and also improves browser speed.

Protect yourself from privacy invasion, install PrivDog for free.


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